Roadeo was established in 2016 ,it serves as a driver training center.
The company  provides its customers with a wide range of customized training sessions. Our goal is to provide the drivers with better driving skills, without compromising in the slightest on the joy of driving.
Among the driver training sessions we offer are: safe and economic driving, correct road driving, training for new drivers, off-road driving, truck driver training, and race-car driving.
Our customers include private drivers, driving and motor-sport enthusiasts, company car fleet managers, traffic safety officers, driving schools, overland shipping companies, road safety organizations, taxi companies, public transportation companies, large companies and so on.
For more information on the driver training sessions we offer, and to schedule an appointment with one of our senior advisors, please contact us, and a company representative will contact you soon.

 Our Team

Over the years, Roadeo has recruited the best experts available in Israel in the spheres of driving, vehicles, and safety. They work tirelessly to teach Israeli private and professional drivers correct driving practices.
All of our employees and instructors have extensive experience as driving instructors, and have trained individuals and groups in Israel and abroad.

Our team includes car experts, road safety instructors, traffic safety officers, off-road driving instructors, driving teachers, and race-car driving instructors.

All of the company instructors undergo training. They keep up-to date with innovations relating to cars and driving practices worldwide, in order to provide our customers with the most recent information on safe and professional driving at any given time. 



Our clients

Since Roadeo was established, it has provided its services to thousands of private drivers, company employees, groups of friends, professional drivers, and road safety organizations.
Among our clients are:
* Private drivers
* Driving and motor sport enthusiasts
* Company car fleet managers
* Traffic safety officers
* Driving schools
* Overland shipping companies
* Transportation companies and truck companies.
* Road safety organizations
* Public organizations and government offices
* Taxi companies
* Public transportation companies
* Large private and public companies

Why Us?

Professionalism: Our team includes the best driving, vehicle, and safety experts available in Israel. Our team keeps up-to-date with innovations relating to vehicles and driving practices by attending the best conferences in Israel and abroad.

Extensive practical experience: All of our instructors have extensive practical experience as driving instructors, and have trained private and professional drivers. Over the years, the company's driving instructors have taught correct driving practices to tens of thousands of drivers in Israel and abroad.

Customized solutions: We offer our customers a wide range of customized training sessions, based on each customer's requirements, needs, vehicle, and driving level.

Variety: We offer our customers a wide range of driver training sessions, including lectures on safe and economic driving, correct road driving, training for new drivers, off-road driving, truck driver training, and race-car driving.

Our services

Our company offers its customers, both private and professional drivers, a wide range of customized driver training sessions, in order to make Israel's driving culture safer, and improve the driving practices of the Israeli driver.
Our driver training sessions include:

Lectures: We offer a wide range of professional lectures on safe and economic driving, for private and professional drivers. Our series of lectures can be theoretical only, or accompanied by demonstrations in the field.

Driver training sessions: Our company offers training sessions for groups and individuals, and drivers of all professional and  experience levels. Our training sessions are customized based on the driver's requirements, and combine theoretical material and practical training. Our   sessions include:

* New driver training: We provide new drivers with important practical tools for safe driving.  

* Road driving: Our instructors focus on practicing driving skills and contending with various situations behind the


* Off-road driver training: We provide the trainees with practical tools for professional driving on normal and difficult terrain, and a unique driving experience.

* Truck driver training: Our instructors focus on safe driving at minimum costs and maximum operating profit.

* Sportive driver training: Our best instructors provide professional driver training sessions using race cars.










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